Power Sales- Marketing Department

Currently employed as a Marketing Associate at Power Sales. I Assist in image asset acquisition, image reformatting, and image editing. Helping acquire images from various high end brands and reformatting those images for the catalog and website. Job duties include, but are not limited to: communicating with brands, sorting product images and cropping and editing images.


Bachelor of Arts in Communication

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a specialization in Professional Communication from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Renewal By Andersen

In my role as a Brand Ambassador for Renewal By Andersen, I have been instrumental in driving the company's mission to provide top-quality home improvement solutions. My responsibilities encompass various aspects of marketing and outreach, including lead generation, appointment scheduling, canvassing, and event promotion. I've demonstrated a keen ability to engage with potential clients, persuading them to schedule appointments to explore our exceptional services and products. My collaborative spirit has been evident through my work within a dynamic team and with strategic partners, highlighting my commitment to fostering a team-oriented environment. This position has allowed me to make a significant impact in representing the Renewal By Andersen brand, contributing to our growth and success.


Forbes Marketing Group

During my internship with FMG, I gained valuable experience and made significant contributions to the organization. My responsibilities included selling products to campus organizations, strategically promoting the company's brand and products, building and nurturing professional networks, collaborating on remote projects via Zoom, generating potential business leads, and effectively promoting products through social media channels.


Loud Light Internship

Started in August 2019, my internship primarily revolved around driving voter registration efforts on campus. I worked in tandem with a remote team, where I played a pivotal role in aiding students with voter registration and imparting knowledge about the intricacies of the voting process.